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and the cardinals head to their seventh nlcs since 2000! >> nat-itude turns to solitude as the nationals get knocked out of the playoffs. >> this morning reaction from the team and fans after holding out so much hope. good morning everybody. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. welcome to news 4 today saturday, october 13th, 2012. >> national fans are waking up this morning hoping it was all a bad dream. >> the nats lose a heart breaker in game five falling 9-7 to the stlouis cardinals ending the team's exciting postseason.
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>> news 4's dan hellie has a recap of the depressing game five loss. >> good morning, guys. it couldn't have started any better or ended any worse for the washington nationals last night. they've had sparse, offensive production the entire postseason but they exploded, three runs in the first inning and then three runs in the third. bryce harper's home run highlighted the inning. they jumped to a 6-0 lead. the cardinals would slowly chip away, but the nationals entered the ninth inning with a 7-5 lead and their closer on the mound. twice, one strike away from winning the game and the nationals advancing to the national league championship series, but the cardinals came through. they are 6-0 in their last six deciding games and they did it again coming back to beat the nationals, 9-7 the final. they went from elation last night to unbelievable disappointment in the nats' club house. >> seven, eight months' worth of
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hard work go in one inning like that. it's frustrating. this is going to stink. this is going to stink until next year. >> the best part of the job is, you know, it's the best job and you're good at it and the worst job when you fail. so that's part of it and like i said, you just got to learn from it. >> they led the majors with 98 wins. adam laroche a guy that has the option to leave next year but everybody on the team wants to see him back. drew storin going to be the closer once again. i'm sure he'll feel like he has a lot to prove next year. from nationals park, dan hellie, news 4 sports. definitely a tough loss but what a great ride. well, as bad as it was for the players, the fans took the stunning loss equally as hard. fans packed bars and restaurants all over the area to watch the decisive game five. nats fans outside the stadium right after the game were still
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in shock. >> horrible game. horrible. horrible game for me. >> disappointing. it was a great season. disappointing loss. but hats off to the boys. >> some fans chalked the loss up to the cardinals being the better team while others say the disappointment is normal for team sports. >> not normal these days. d.c. sports is coming back. >> they did great. but the cardinals, these are the world champions. >> exactly. >> this was the team to beat. but kudos to them for a great season. >> let's turn to the other big story this morning. the weather. >> taking a live look outside if you plan to hit the road soon get ready to crank up the heat. chuck, it is cold out there. it certainly is a very cold start this morning. a lot of the far northern and western suburbs are at or below freezing early this morning. still on the relatively mild side here in the city limits where urban center temperatures are in the low 40s right now. it's 32 in manassas. 30 degrees below freezing now
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over much of northern montgomery county. 30 in frederick, maryland. 30 in martinsburg and 32 in winchester. freeze warnings still posted to the north and west of the downtown area through about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. nothing showing up on radar. we'll be dry today and i suspect dry most if not all of your upcoming weekend. here's your saturday planner. plenty of sunshine. cool to chilly sunshine. highs today getting up into the upper 50s and low 60s. on the whole it's going t good day today. the big one between maryland and virginia. down in charlottesville a 3:00 kick off today. 64 degrees for the charlottesville -- in charlottesville for the game on the grounds of the university of virginia. if you want your game on tv this morning send me a request. chuck.bell@uni >> if you went to last night's game or stepped out of the door early this morning you know the d.c. area is feeling the blast of cold air. it didn't seem to keep people from venturing out however. in georgetown last night most people out and about all bundled
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up in layers, jackets, even some scarves. we talked to some folks visiting from connecticut and even they say it was chilly. >> it's really cold especially for washington. it's not what i would expect. >> what about you? i notice you have your coat on. >> i have several layers. i really should have it zipped up but i don't. >> some people we talked to also say they welcome the cold after the summer's sizzling high temperatures. new this morning pakistani police say 13 people were killed by a car bomb. this happened outside an office of pro government tribal elders in the northwestern part of the country. 25 others were hurt. no group has claimed responsibility, but pakistani taliban militants have staged this kind of attack in the past. now to decision 2012. president obama and mitt romney are both hitting battleground states this weekend. the president will head to williamsburg, virginia today for debate camp. he is expected to stay there until tuesday where he'll then travel to new york for his second debate against romney at
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hofstra university. romney was also in virginia yesterday before heading to ohio. he'll travel through the buckeye state today making several campaign stops. mitt romney's comments about cutting funding for public broadcasting are once again in the spotlight. two men are working on a million muppet march on the national mall. the organizers are hoping for a rally on the mall on november 3rd the saturday before the election. it's the -- in the first presidential debate romney said he would cut funding to pbs even though he loves big bird. that sparked an outpouring of support in favor of big bird. the men hope to have skits and musical performances featuring muppets during the rally. it will be a rocking good time in ohio next week as the boss will meet up with a former boss. former president bill clinton will join legendary rocker bruce springsteen at a campaign event in the buckeye state. president clinton will once again push for president obama's economic plans to help the middle class. this morning denver police are trying to figure out who fired shots at a barack obama
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campaign office. last night a bullet shattered a window at the president's campaign office with workers inside. fortunately, no one was hurt. the shooter may have been someone in a passing vehicle. investigators are now screening surveillance video for clues. congressman jesse jackson jr. is under federal investigation for possibly misusing funds. sources tell nbc news the fbi and federal prosecutors are looking into pressing charges against jackson. attorneys met with prosecutors earlier this week in an effort to persuade them not to indict jackson. the illinois congressman has been on medical leave from congress since june. this morning bank customers across the east coast may be affected by a data breach. td bank is notifying more than 250,000 customers that their data may be compromised. a spokeswoman said back in march some unencrypted backup data tapes were misplaced in transport including things like social security numbers and account information.
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so far no reportedtheft. right now the shuttle "endeavour" continues to slowly move through the streets of l.a. as it travels to the california science center. late last night the process was delayed for a few hours as crews prepared for it to cross an overpass on the 405. crews also had to take down power lines for a short time. that left hundreds of people without power for just a little while. >> this is a huge inconvenience. >> huge endeavor you might say. >> so clever, richard. they cut down all those trees on the 405. they don't have a mass transit way in l.a. the road is the way to go. it is a cool thing. history being made. the time is 6:08. good morning. how a clinic is making it easy for you to get a flu shot today. >> the fix american arms is making to prevent passenger seat problems during a flight. >> and the apple buzz. analysts weigh in on the new must have item that could be announced later this month.
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>> we are all continuing to recover from the nats heart breaker last night. how are you holding up and handling the loss this morning? join the conversation on facebook and twitter.
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today people near denver will gather to remember the young life of a 10-year-old colorado girl whose body was found yesterday in a nearby park. jessica ridgeway vanished last friday after walking to school. hundreds of people spent the week searching for her and investigators identified her body yesterday. the police chief there says there is a predator at large. victims and the families of victims in the aurora theater shooting attack will soon receive thousands of dollars for the injuries they suffer. a mediator in charge of handling the victims' funds says some families will receive up to $175,000 each. the people injured will get an amount based on the length of hospital stays. there's about $5 million in donations in the fund. the mediator says he hopes to have all the money distributed by november 15th so families have money for thanksgiving. three los angeles police officers are recovering this morning after crashing their car
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into a home. take a look at this video. the officers responding to a backup call in the area somehow lost control. they crashed through the fence, landed on top of another car. first responders had to pry the doors off the car to get them out. the officers only suffered minor injuries. no one inside the house was hurt. the national traffic safety administration is investigating a possible hazard for hundi suv. the issue with the 2011 santa fe models a fastener can come loose allowing the steering shaft to come apart and causing the driver to possibly lose control. the safety administration hasn't determined if a recall is necessary. so far no injuries have been reported. american airlines says it is taking extra precautions to avoid more seat issues. they're adding a secondary locking device to the seats of this boeing 747. more than 40757s were found to have problems with their primary seat locking devices.
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american says it expects to finish the modifications around next week and that no planes will be taken out of service. the fbi wants help to track down brand new cash taken during an apparent airplane heist. that money was taken from a dallas to philadelphia flight. it was on its way to the federal reserve in new jersey. it included brand new $100 bills that are not supposed to be circulated until next year. the bills have a distinctive orange coloring. new york city's controversial ban on large, sugary drinks is seeing its first legal challenge. a coalition of businesses filed suit yesterday claiming the city's board of health overstepped its authority when it approved the measure. the new regulation would stop restaurants, cafeterias, and concession stands from selling soda and other high calorie drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. the law is set to take effect in march. the time right now is 6:14. coming up next we'll show you the new gear the maryland terps showed off at midnight madness
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last night. plus, the investigation into google that could lead to a lawsuit against the search engine. a cold morning, yes, but it will heat up. chuck bell is back in a moment with just how warm it will get on this saturday. [ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn.
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it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections, you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look.
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good morning. 6:18 right now. it is the second day for a walk that's taking people 60 miles in three days. the susan g. komen three day walk continues today. walkers make their way through much of northwest washington and organizers have public cheering stations set up in adams morgan this morning and then dupont circle later this afternoon. the event will wrap up tomorrow. that is really quite a sight to see. >> yes. i saw a lot of people with hats and boas. i don't know if the boa will keep you warm but everything helps. >> every little bit helps.
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no doubt about it. what a great cause. it is so fun to see so many organizations. they've done a great job with breast cancer awareness. the pink socks on the nfl players and all that. it is a very nice cause. looks like they've raised a lot of money for that for sure which is good news. >> they have. >> you're right. awfully chilly outside first thing this morning. if you're spending any time outside really before about lunch time today you're probably going to need at least one to two layers of warmth first thing this morning. 30s and 40s out there and a lot of spots even below freezing for the first time this early fall season. people are saying oh, it seems so early. it's really not so early. washington national still hasn't been below 40 degrees yet. even this morning we're still in the low 40s out there. dulles airport, about average. normally dulles area down below 40 degrees for the first time somewhere right here in the middle of october. as far as a freeze goes, well, we haven't made it down to freezing yet at dulles airport. 43 at national airport.
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winds out of the northeast averaging 8 miles per hour. 36 in leesburg. 32 in manassas. 38 fredericksburg. so the further north and west you go definitely the colder it is. petersburg, west virginia 28 degrees. meanwhile bayside the midshipmen in annapolis 47 degrees this morning. nary a cloud to be found on your saturday. awfully pretty to be outside but temperatures will struggle to get into the low 60s. that is almost 10 degrees cooler than average. frost and freeze advisories are still out for the next couple of hours. really the spots to be most careful about are northern maryland out into the panhandle of west virginia first thing this morning. nothing showing up on doppler. it will be 100% rain free today. nothing to worry about around here today. even tomorrow is going to be dry, too. our next chance for rain rolling in here late in the day on monday. so nice and cool. high pressure in charge for today. as high pressure just gets right over head this afternoon winds will be fairly light. as it moves offshore late
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tonight into tomorrow that will turn our winds back around to the southwest and that will allow much, much warmer air to come rushing back in here for tomorrow. windy and warm on your sunday. if you're heading out to the redskins game tomorrow forget the heavy winter gear you wore last night. mid 70s into the area for tomorrow and monday. so for today, sunny yes. but staying on the cool side. the breezes out there early this morning will be laying down a bit later on this afternoon. winds generally fairly light out of the south 5 to 15. highs today upper 50s and low 60s. then overnight passing clouds. nowhere near as cold tomorrow morning. overnight lows holding in the 40s pretty much areawide. then your sunday plenty of sunshine but clouds will be on the increase. it'll be breezy and mild tomorrow. temperatures up into the low and mid 70s around town. here's the all important seven-day forecast. 62 with cool sunshine today. 75 degrees tomorrow with plenty of clouds coming back in. rain chances come up for monday
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afternoon and monday night. then we clear it right back out again for the middle of the upcoming week. your college football forecast maybe doesn't have to play today. they already played last night. as a shout out to the service academies, army, the black knights of army hosting kent state up in west point today. sunny and cool. 47 degrees up there. and if you want to see your game on tv, who's playing, when and where? send it all to me, chuck.bell@nbc and we'll get them all on if we can. >> feels like football season with the weather out there. >> it does. your team has a big one tonight. >> lsu. we're taking on lsu. >> you guys are hosting alabama. this could be trouble. >> all right. sorry. thanks, chuck. the nats aren't the only ones out of the playoffs. it was also a rough night for baltimore fans. the new york yankees defeated the orioles last night in game five of their series 3-1 eliminating the os from the playoffs. yankees starter c.c. sabathia was dominant giving up only four hits while striking out nine.
6:23 am
new york moves on to play the detroit tigers while the orioles are heading home for the winter. baseball might be over for the nats and os but college basketball is just getting started. >> carol maloney takes you to midnight madness in this morning's sports minute. good saturday morning everyone. by now you know what's going on with the local baseball team. we'll go back to college for this sports in a minute starting with college football. from friday. navy in a friday match up at central michigan and the mids invert the chippewas, 31-13. later today a border battle between maryland and virginia from charlottesville at 3:00 p.m. virginia tech might have its hands full with the 5-1 duke blue devils. plus, howard takes on north carolina a & t. kickoff at 1:30. now for college hoops. let the madness begin. midnight madness. maryland style. the terpins are ready to bring it. new uniforms to go along with
6:24 am
new players like charles mitchell, freshman forward with some ups and nick faust is back and looking good. coach mark turgeon has a lot to be excited about. high expectations for his team. while at georgetown everybody is ready to dance. oh, yeah. john thompson iii kicking it old school with the hoyas. a seniorless squad doesn't have him worried. they are going for glory this season. that's your sports in a minute. i'm carol maloney. hope your saturday is a good one. >> carol, thanks. as for the redskins, they'll most likely have robert griffin iii back under center on sunday against the vikings. rg iii took part in a complete practice yesterday and is officially listed as questionable on the injury report with a concussion. the head coach mike shanahan says if griffin passes his test, then he's going to start. rg iii says he has learned one lesson from this injury -- get out of bounds. the redskins play minnesota at fedex field at 4:30.
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federal regulators say they are one step closer to suing google over accusations of trying to stifle competition. the federal trade commission reportedly will recommend filing an antitrust lawsuit against the search engine giant. the ftc claims google is abusing power, pushing search results from its rival further back and driving up online advertising prices. google officials say they'll answer any questions regulators have about its practices. oh, the buzz is building over the possible release of the mini ipad. tech analysts say apple will announce the smaller tablet on october 23rd with it going on sale a couple weeks later. the smaller ipad is expected to be around 7 inches. while apple is leading the tablet market amazon and google are both working to lure people away with their smaller and cheaper tablets. today hundreds of people in northern virginia can get their flu shot via drive through clinic free of charge but the time to do it is short. it's happening today in the parking lot of the mccort
6:26 am
building in woodbridge, virginia. you do not need an appointment but they will only give out 900 shots today. >> we need to get in line. >> i got mine already. i'm not going through that again. >> i'm going solo. coming up why you might hear what sounds like an explosion in one part of maryland today. >> a virginia teen who will not give up. the heart warming home coming game tribute that had the crowd in tears. that is straight ahead. no surprise here. our traffic is some of the worst in the country. but what's being done to fix it?
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the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. this morning reaction from the nats as they wake up from a major loss in a game that came down to the very last inning.
6:30 am
>> gosh. >> good morning everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff still in shock. i woke up and could not believe what i read. it's saturday, october 13th, everybody, 2012. thanks for joining us. in just one pitch the nationals went from moving on to heading home. the winner take all game five against the cardinals started off well. the nats jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the third inning but the cardinals started chipping away at that lead eventually tying it in the top of the ninth. then pete drove home two more runs to put st. louis up by two. the nats could not recover as the cardinals go on to win, 9-7 and eliminate the nationals from the playoffs. >> started on top and got a fine team in the cardinals and they did the same thing last year. just trying to come away the best you can. >> a tough one. you know, i really don't know what to say.
6:31 am
just a tough one to swallow. >> as for the cardinals, they head out west to take on the san francisco giants in the national league championship series. game one is tomorrow night. >> nats fans are likely trying to still figure out what happened last night. we talked to some nationals and cardinals fans right after that wild finish and they were just as shell shocked as the players. >> let down, disappointed. they had it early in the game. just pretty much let it go, this happens. this is it. >> reporter: always next year? >> yeah. just getting this far this year was a big thing, big thing for the city. a lot of history here. >> it's astounding. i am still in shock. i can't even describe it in words. i feel for the d.c. fans. if the nats had won i would celebrate with them. moving on looking ahead nationals fans opening day for next season is not too far away. the nats open their 2013 schedule 170 days from now
6:32 am
against the miami marlins. just 170 days. >> going into the off-season, yeah, obviously we lost. but this is really great motivation looking forward. >> yes. hopefully the 170 days will give people a chance to recover. it was a tough one. >> i know. we'll be feeling it for sometime. also feeling it if you were at the game last night. it was chilly. >> yeah. and it seems like the cold temperatures stuck around for the morning too. let's go to storm team 4 chuck bell for more on the forecast. good morning everybody. it felt like the boys of summer were playing in the dead of winter last night and tomorrow for the redskins game just when you want it to be cold and miserable, it's going to feel like spring time all over again. the only thing that could really make us forget the nats' loss, how about a super bowl win? yeah. super bowl. let's start shooting for that. 43 early this morning here in washington. 47 degrees in annapolis this morning. but 30 degrees in marlinsburg and charlestown, west virginia. 30 in front royal this morning.
6:33 am
freeze warnings are still up for the northern and western areas but nothing showing up on radar so no concern for rain or since we're below freezing any snow. nothing to worry about today. just bright sunshine, on the cool side today. temperatures starting, topping up generally in the upper 50s and low 60s. west virginia, the mountaineers are on the road in lubbock, texas today. windy and warm. a howling south wind out there. so west virginia fans be ready if you're planning on throwing the ball today. that thing will fly right out of the stadium down there in lubbock. more of your college football forecast coming up. >> thanks, chuck. alexandria police are trying to find out who is behind three violent sexual assaults in a few weeks. the latest one happened thursday night near the intersection of van dorn street and courtney avenue right after a 20-year-old woman got off a bus. she told police a hispanic man pulled a knife on her and demanded money and he pulled her into some bushes and assaulted her. people who live and work near the area say they are stunned.
6:34 am
two other attacks happened near holmes run parkway about two miles away from the most recent scene but detectives said they don't believe there is a connection to thursday night's attack. two men accused of brutally attacking and robbing a man near eastern market will face charges. they appeared in d.c. superior court yesterday. a judge ruled the two should be held in the beating and robbery of thomas maslin, accused of jumping him back in august and savagely attacking him. he lost an eye in the attack and still does not have feeling in parts of his body. police caught them and one other suspect after they were accused of three other robberies the same night as the attack on maslin. a heads up for those living in our area. the air national guard will be conducting a simulated combat exercise this weekend. residents might hear what sounds like gun fire and explosions but officials from joint base
6:35 am
andrews want to assure everyone that this is just a training operation and no live ammunition is being used. probably not a big surprise to many of us the d.c. area has some of the worst traffic in the country. but maybe not for long. some projects are under way to help ease all the bumper-to-bumper congestion. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss has more. >> reporter: gas up and go. but around here, it's the go that gets tough. >> i leave the house by 6:45, get on the toll road, get myself ready to spend about what, $15 a day. it's at least 45 minutes and it's constant stopping and go. >> reporter: day after day hit the gas, step on the brakes. a study by gps company tom tom ranks d.c. area traffic the third worst in the country. only behind traffic choked l.a. and san francisco. >> that's not surprising to most washingtonians. it's more surprising to our
6:36 am
visitors but it really is world class congestion. >> reporter: if your drive is 30 minutes it means you spend an aex torra 80 hours a year behind the wheel because of congestion, two full work weeks, time you can't get back. of course there are some lucky ones, more the exception than the rule. >> i don't have to travel the beltway that much or some of the major arteries so i probably don't feel the pain as much as a lot of other commuters. >> reporter: one of the main questions is are we investing enough in our infrastructure to make a difference when it comes to congestion in our traffic? well, take a look at that. that's the tysons mclean station on the silver line one of four new stations in tysons corner. transportation planners hope that makes a big difference. other transportation improvements that are here and coming, the intercounty connector in maryland, beltway express lanes in virginia, even street cars and bike sharing pro-fwrams in the district. >> we think you'll see real progress in the next year or so when all of these major road
6:37 am
projects come alive. >> reporter: but until then most of us ride it out together. in tysons corner, adam tuss, news 4. an ad war has broken out at metro stations across the area. in response to pro israel antijihad ads that went up earlier this week a muslim civil rights group has launched a counterad campaign showing a quote from the koran that says, show forgiveness. speak for justice and avoid the ignorant. the council on islamic relations says the new ads send a positive message. the controversial pro israel ads compare muslim extremists to savages and are responsible for the initiative. expect delays for track work this weekend. trains will single track along two sections of the red line between robener and twin brook and trains will also share the track between fort to theon and prince george's county plaza on
6:38 am
the green line. everything should be back to normal by monday morning. the time is 6:37. a maryland teen bullied and humiliated on camera is in the news this morning. >> next, what he did last night that got classmates and his community behind him. an unforgettable moment for a virginia teen at his high school home coming game. how his story brought many tears. you're watching news 4 today.
6:39 am
take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education...
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the "today" show is coming up next on nbc 4. let's find out what they're working on. >> lester holt joins us live from new york. >> richard, angie, coming up on a saturday morning on "today" a tragic end to the story of a missing 10-year-old girl in colorado. her body was identified late friday. the killer is still out there. you can imagine the fear in that community. we're live in colorado with the latest. also ahead britain's prince harry in afghanistan. we've been telling you he is there fighting on the front lines but we're now learning a bit more about the combat missions that he's actually
6:42 am
taking part in. we'll give you the latest there. my sit down legendary with the legendary -- sit down interview with the legendary carol burnett show is also ahead and some of the costars sit down and talk about some of the funniest moments. a heart warming story for a saturday morning about a young cancer survivor who lost a leg, still competes in triathlons thanks to a prosthesis but when something went wrong during a race a u.s. marine was there to help him make it across that finish line. they'll both be in our studio live to talk about it when we get started on a saturday morning right here on "today." for now back to you in washington. >> looks like a great story. thanks. >> see you soon. the time is 6:42. the canadian officials are issuing strict warnings against those who bully others after a 15-year-old committed suicide because of bullying. police say amanda todd was bullied and attacked constantly. she uploaded a video to youtube describing the years of torture. her mother says she hopes others will learn something from her
6:43 am
tragedy and stop the bullying all together. a 15-year-old high schooler faces charges for threatening another student while being videotaped. the high school student preston deaner was doing an interview about bullying when three students approached him and hit him. the teen suspect is charged as a juvenile with assault. last night preston's family held an anti-bullying dance for students. those who attended had to sign a petition saying they would stand up against bullying. >> to help others who are getting bullied and to prevent it from happening and stop bullying. >> make sure if he is having a problem or anything with it and then text him and check facebook making sure nobody is saying anything bad. if they do tell his mom or him. >> about 150 people showed up to the anti-bullying event. school officials are also working to try and cut down on bullying among students. another home coming last night. this one an emotional reunion.
6:44 am
a burke high school student paralyzed during a family trip to hawaii is reunited with classmates during last night's home coming game after months of rehab. what happens next had people in tears. news 4's erika gonzalez was there. >> reporter: the sights and sounds of a packed stadium. senior year. home coming. 17-year-old nick ballinger asked his girlfriend to be his date but how do you dance with a beautiful girl when you're paralyzed from the chest down? ballinger is going to have to figure that out. one of many new firsts for the burke high teen who suffered a life threatening injury to his spinal cord while vacationing with his family in hawaii two months ago. >> running into the water, dove in. thought the water was deeper than it was. just cracked my neck. >> reporter: after weeks of intensive physical therapy a breakthrough. >> i love proving doctors wrong. >> reporter: ballinger took his first steps earlier this week.
6:45 am
>> both my sons play baseball and i think all of that training as an athlete has really groomed him to be resilient. >> reporter: before the accident ballinger and his baseball team won a state championship title, and tonight they're being honored with rings. in a moment that would make even the hardest of hearts tender, the teen who spent his last birthday in icu telling his parents he couldn't feel his legs stood up from his wheelchair to receive his ring. >> i didn't want to disappoint my teammates, so i got better. >> to learn more about nick ballinger and how you can help him and his family through rehab go to nbc in burke, virginia, erika gonzalez, news 4. >> wow. >> he has such a driving spirit. that was great. >> that is awesome. can't top that. >> no you can't. >> you cannot top that. the human spirit is just amazing. since we can't top that i'll
6:46 am
just tell you we're going to be coming back with a complete check of your weekend forecast in a few minutes. we may even mention a college wit's time to get real aboute what happens in the bathroom.
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and start talking about what you really want from your toilet paper. it's time to talk about clean. feeling clean is so important. i use quilted northern. quilted northern soft and strong is stronger than the leading value brand, for a confident clean.
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did you ever look up at the night sky and think that the stars kind of look like diamonds? well, one of them might be. u.s. and french researchers believe they have discovered a planet that is largely made up of diamonds. the planet is about 40 light years away and twice the size of earth. there is no word on how large it is in carats. the new planet is a fast mover and goes around its version of the sun so fast that a year only lasts about 18 hours. >> i don't want to live on that planet. >> there wouldn't be any diamonds left. >> we'd be 200 years old by now. >> in addition to taking 40 years just to get there then you'll be flung off the surface before you can take the rock out. >> oh, man. >> not good. >> okay. back here on earth though. >> yes. >> feeling a chill in the air. >> a little. >> just a touch. >> i wore a scarf in today. >> you need to. if you have a scarf you may want to put it on first thing morning
6:50 am
especially if you're spending any real prolonged periods of time outside and if you're getting ready for your morning run yes indeed, leg warmers may be required. or do what i do. just jog the first mile on the treadmill. get a little bead of sweat on your brow then go outside. watch it turn into a little ice crystal on your forehead this morning. a cold one. 43 in downtown washington. that is not so, so bad. there you can see on our city camera, look at the beautiful, clear sky out there. early morning daylight just starting to show up in our eastern horizon. sun's not up until after, well after 7:00 so we still have a little ways to go for that. off to a cold start though. not just 43 here. milder to the east and along the chesapeake bay. mid to upper 40s now for bayside communities. back out to the west upper 20s and low 30s this morning. sub freezing for nearly every spot out to the west of the blue ridge and even a few pockets of sub freezing temperatures in prince william county, northern montgomery county, out toward frederick, maryland as well. be on the lookout for a little
6:51 am
extra chill first thing this morning. it is going to be a beauty of a day to be outside today. nothing but sunshine. not much of a breeze today. unlike yesterday that was a bit of a fierce wind yesterday afternoon. that wind is going to continue to lay down today and allow temperatures to recover into the upper 50s and low 60s. there's the freeze warning. primary concerns are here for about the next hour or two. still some patchy frost in and around parts of fairfax and prince george's county. not much of a frost threat inside the district. no rain expected today and no rain really expected tomorrow either. our next chance for showers coming back in arrives on monday afternoon. probably along about lunch time on your monday. so high pressure is in charge for today. so nice and cool. even with the sunshine. upper 50s and low 60s today. as the area high pressure just offshore tonight, that allows the winds to come back around to the southwest and will allow a big time warm up around here for tomorrow. sunday's high temperature some 10 to 15 degrees warmer than today. and our next chance for showers
6:52 am
showing up late in the day sunday night out to the west and then around here as we get into monday afternoon and monday evening. for today sunny and cool. upper 50s and low 60s today. not much of a breeze by later on this afternoon. light southerly breezes tonight will hold overnight low temperatures considerably milder in the 40s this time tomorrow morning areawide. then tomorrow afternoon redskins game tomorrow great weather for the redskins. mild, too. temperatures well up into the 70s. the all important seven-day forecast, 62 with your saturday sunshine. 75 with clouds on your sunday. rain chances for monday and then nice weather, very typical by mid october standards all the way through the rest of the upcoming week. the hokies of virginia tech are hosting the blue devils from duke university in blacksburg today. it's a 12:30 kickoff. sunny and cool. it's home coming in bowie, maryland today. virginia state is taking on the bulldogs in bowie. it is a 1:30 kickoff there. 62 degrees. perfect weather for home coming.
6:53 am
>> and on a local level shout out to herndon high school. it's their home coming as well today. i play basketball. i know. i wasn't in the running. just put it that way. >> leave it at that. >> the time right now is 6:53. up next a special look at tonight's host of "saturday night live." >> plus the unique bond between furry friends that has become an internet sensation. you're watching news 4 today.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
this fall weather is the perfect setting for the annual fall festival today. more than 400 craft booths will sell art. there will also be live music and oktoberfest beer garden and of course some great food. the 36th annual fall festival is free to attend and goes on from 10:00 this morning to 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. tonight on nbc 4 christina
6:57 am
applegate will make her debut in a commercial -- she made her debut at just five months old then rose to fame with the hit "married with children" and tonight she hosts "saturday night live" for the second time but it's been a while. >> reporter: the last time up all night star christina applegate hosted "saturday night live" -- >> wow. i was 5 years old. >> was 19 years ago. >> i was much younger so i think i had much more energy than i do now. >> reporter: as a 21-year-old actor on the show "married with children" she then shared the stage with an entirely different cast but she has many more "saturday night" connections these days. >> were things really that bad? >> reporter: she played a tolerant wife and roamed studio 8 h for several seasons and the snl creator is the executive producer for "up all night." >> i know him and really love
6:58 am
him and respect him. the kind of ship he runs here is incredible. >> reporter: this daughter of a record producer dad and singer mom played cher in her first hosting go round. this time she says she'll play another music legend. >> i'm playing janice joplin. you look at me that's what you think right? but somehow they can do it here. somehow they can transform me into these people. it is incredible. >> it's been a really hard year. >> applegate underwent a more personal transformation four years ago while starring in the sitcom "samantha who" she had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. now she is back for her second season of nbc primetime thursday and her second stint in late night. >> tune in to watch america's sweetheart. >> on saturday night. raffael seth, nbc news. >> should be a good show. plenty of material. >> she is hilarious. who says two animals can't be friends? >> especially when the two animals are a cat and a baby monkey. a man who runs a monkey shelter in missouri says his 7-month-old monkey april and tuxedo cat
6:59 am
chuck have become fast friends. nice name there. so much so he posted this video of them together. it has almost half a million hits over the last few weeks and even got a shout out from ellen degeneres. it looks like the two are so tight. chuck doesn't seem to mind a little monkey bite. >> she's not biting hard. it's more of a play thing. she's got 90% hair. >> the two don't seem too caught up in fame. they've already welcomed another baby monkey into their group. so far it looks like chuck the cat likes him, too. >> chuck is going to be pulled all kinds of directions. >> you went to school in missouri. what is going on out there? >> chuck has two monkeys and chuck here has -- >> oh, no? >> no. that's not good. >> i'm just glad i didn't say it. i know you were thinking it. >> quick weather note. >> beautiful day today. sunny, cool today. much warmer tomorrow. mid 70s tomorrow. so if you don't like

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